To protect the underside of your car from rust and corrosion in winter as well in summer, it’s important.

Divo's Auto Detailing : The only professional detailing shop in Maritime offer this unique service.

With Two Major Steps:

            Step 1 : Steam Clean Engine Compartment (top and bottom), Steam Clean Undercarriage & Dry .

(This step remove the salt, Mud , oil leaks, dirt e.t.c).


        Step 2 : Apply the first coat on clean - dry surface and cover every part of the underside of the vehicle that’s exposed to the road.

& apply a second thick coat after 30 Min.  (we advice to let it dry overnight to dry fully before driving the vehicle)

Protect your vehicle’s undercarriage from rust and corrosion, with right way. NOW !


For only $ 199.95 + Tax 

Most Cars